Training FAQs

  • Do you offer online classes?

No. The training offered is very hands-on. Depending on the class type, most have classroom time along with range time.​

  • How long is each class?

It depends on the class itself. Some are only a couple of hours, where others are spread over two days. Individual 1-on-1 training is offered by the hour.​

  • Do you offer volume discounts or group rates?

Yes. Discounts are often given for many different reasons. For example, multiple students or if you provide the classroom location or range location. Perhaps an office team building exercise, or an entire family. Classes can be tailored to fit most situations.​

  • Do I have to own a pistol or rifle to take your classes?

No, while we do have a rental guns for use in the class and range, I highly recommend you do bring your personal gun. It affords you the opportunity to ask about it specifically and learn more about it directly vs. a gun you may never see again.​

Gunsmith FAQs

  • Do you do transfers?

Yes. I will do transfers for $15.00 cash/$20.00 credit card. Have your seller email me at and I will send them the information to transfer the firearm. When I receive the firearm we will contact you and make arrangements for you to pick it up.

  • Do you sell guns?

No, I only repair and restore, customize firearms at this time

  • Will you cut an 80% receiver?

Yes, with the Federal firearms laws changing, I will cut an 80% receiver to meet Federal law. That includes putting a serial number on it and qualifying the owner with a background check. A permit or a NC CCH license is required.

  • Where is your shop located?

I work out of my home which is located in Four Oaks, North Carolina. My hours of operation are Friday 10am to 7pm. I do take appointments for other days in the evening. Please contact me to make those arrangements. 919-357-2075

  • What is your labor rate?

My labor rate is $50.00 hr. I do offer some flat rate services such as firearm cleaning.

  • Do you sell ammunition?

No, we do not sell ammunition at this time.